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MrGene    Alisha Mathis

Tell us about other Christian web sites for kids. After MrGene checks them out, he will post them here.
 E-mail to make suggestions.

All God's Children - Kimberly and her mom have a great site! It includes all types of games, puzzles, even coloring pages! Check it out at

Angel Fire Girls - I found this site that is a Christian club for girls from 7 - 12 years old. The link I have for this site isn't good anymore. I hope the owners of this site will send me a new link! GeneP

Christ Saves -Jessica is a 14 year old with a message, Christ saves! Very well done site that is Biblical. Bad link. Have a new one for this site?

Mark and Mack - These two guys are the morning DJs for a Birmingham Christian radio station, WDJC. On the radio you can find them at 93.7 FM, on the web you can find them at

New Life Assembly of God - Web page for the church MrGene attends!

Teddy Bear Monastery - This is a fun site with a lot of teddy bears! There is a lot of stories and art work, and a lot of teddy bears! ( The j4tb is short for "Just 4 Teddy Bears")
GeneP - A fun place to go! Great links. Has the look for younger kids but has plenty for the older kids - teens. You do have to be careful. Most is Christian, but some of the links are not. There are so many links on this site you may not find the non-Christian ones. I did not FIND any I found objectionable, but they could be there.                                                                              GeneP

Members Home Pages
If you are a member and have your own home page, e-mail me at and I will add it to our list.

Kara - Kara has a cool web site for kids. Go to

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