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What We Believe
MrGene (Gene Powell)

Have you read the "How To Become A Christian" page?

Asking Jesus into your heart is cool!

Read your Bible every day! That's the #1 way God talks to us.

This is a non-denominational ministry. It is totally based on the Bible, God's Holy Word. Although I like the King James version, most references are in the New International Version. This should make it easier for kids to understand. So here are our beliefs here at in terms I hope you can understand.

1. The Bible is how God spoke to us. He inspired men to write it, but there are no mistakes and it is exactly like God meant for it to be. There are different language versions, but nothing should be added or taken away from it.

2. Jesus is one part of God. This is tough to understand but God is made up of 3 parts. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Spirit (Holy Spirit). All 3 have been around forever. Even Jesus was here when our earth was created by them. Then about 2000 years ago God sent Jesus to earth in the form of a human. His mother (Mary) was a virgin. He lived here just like we do, but he never sinned. Not even telling his mom a little fib! He did a lot of miracles, like making the blind see, making the deaf hear, kicking demons out of people, even making dead people come to life! Then he was killed by the government and religious people. They hung him on a cross. He didn't have to. He could have just left. But he went through all that pain and death so that we could have a personal relationship with God, through him, without having to go to a priest. 3 days after he died he came back to physical life and left his grave. He stuck around a short time, gave his disciples instructions, and then ascended (floated) into heaven, where he sits at the right side of God.

3. Some day (no one knows when), Jesus is going to come back the same way he left. He is going to take back with him all believers.

4.  The only way to get rid of sin is through Jesus. See the How to become a Christian page.

5. We believe in being baptized by being dunked under water. It shows other people that you have asked Jesus into your heart and are a new person. By the way, Jesus was baptized, too!

6. Through prayer and real faith, healing of our human bodies is still possible because of what Jesus did on the cross.

7. When Jesus left he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us. If we ask he will come into our spirits and help us live a holy life. Through him there are spiritual gifts available. These include healing, wisdom, knowledge, miraculous powers, faith, and others.

8. Heaven is the place that God sits on a throne. It is where we will go when we die or Jesus comes back, if we are a Christian. In fact, Jesus went there and prepared a place for you! If you die and you aren't a Christian when you die you will go to a real place called Hell. In Hell it is dark, burning hot, and worse of all, you are separated from God. These are the only 2 choices, and it is your choice to make.

9. We believe that we have to be obedient to God. That means you have to obey his Word, as described in the Bible. So you have to read your Bible and pray to know what you have to do to be obedient to him!

10. We believe that this is a good kid's church on the web, but it will never replace a sit down church. You need to be involved in a sit down church to worship our Father, build relationships with other believers, and grow in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These are not our rules, just our basic beliefs! God sets the rules. Study your Bible to find out what they are!

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Copyright 2000 by Gene Powell