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This is where you will learn about  characters in the Stories page.

 A college student, bubbly personality. She loves God. Drives a sports car and her voice is just a little squeaky!
Buford Barnstink
A real country boy! He and his brother Bubba own The Barnstink Brothers Company. Bubba is away at Mid-state College of Tree Surgery right now. We hope to have him back soon. They can do anything, paint houses, work on cars, fix computers, even minor surgery. Not too smart but they love the Lord. The funny thing is, no matter how small or large the job, the only charge $49.95!

(Not pictured, yet!)

 Bertha Barnstink
Buford's sister. She is helping out the Barnstink Brothers while Bubba is in college.

Crazy Larry
9 years old and a nut! He will not accept Jesus no matter how hard we witness to him. Isn't that aggravating? You have to watch out for him. He is always putting people down.

 Dr. Doright
She's a young doctor but does a good job. Smart and funny.

Commander Curtis
Royal Ranger Commander. This guy will do anything for you. Has is own business and stays busy. Stays pretty quiet, but when he does talk he has a deep voice.

Elder Everett
An elder in our church. He has been married to his wife Gladys for 51 years. He's hard of hearing and won't turn up his hearing aid.

Fred Red
An alien from another planet, Fred Red has only been here a short time.
He has a weird voice and is very loud. He is a new Christian but has been studying the Bible very hard.

J.J. James
J.J. James is British. He is a spokesman for Smith,Smith,Smith,Smith,Smith,Smith,Smith,and Smythe, the public relations firm hired by God. He is clumsy but knows the Bible and can answer a lot of questions.

Joey is 10 years old. Just a normal kid. He goes to church but doesn't study his Bible or pray enough. Sometimes he gets tricked by his friend, Crazy Larry, into doing things he shouldn't.

Katie is 9 years old. She's a good Christian girl but a little bit of a know it all.

Kent Clark
Reporter for the Kids4God Chronicle. Always taking pictures . He asks tons of questions.

The pastor here at and seems to be the one people turn to when things go wrong. He doesn't know as much as he would like, but he tries hard. Loves God and kids.

Mrs. ECC!
Mrs. ECC! Is short for Mrs. Ecclesiastes. She is the teacher here at and sounds a lot like Julia Childs. She always has that yard stick ready to smack a hand!

Peanut is a silly monkey. Of course he loves bananas. He is always cracking jokes. He isn't very smart.

Singin' Sam
Likes playing his guitar and singing. Most of his songs are a little crazy.
He sings about his truck a lot.

Tex and his trusty horse, Alpo
Tex has a Texas drawl. When you are reading a story about him, don't pay attention to the spelling, that's how he talks! He's a cowboy that loves his horse almost as much as he loves Jesus. Alpo doesn't talk, but he is always with Tex.

She is new to She is really hip. She's from the big city and sassy!  Best of all, she's a faithful Christian.

More characters coming soon!
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