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Puppets For Fire Departments
Dalmatian Fire Dog                  Fireman
Sponsored by

We are seeking donations to purchase puppets to be used for fire departments. The puppets will be used to comfort children in a crisis situation. They will also be used to educate our children in fire and safety classes.

The puppets are approximately 29 tall and of a high quality. will be handling the collection of donations and training fire fighters in puppet and voice manipulation. We are able to purchase the puppets at a relatively low cost. We will start by supplying four puppets to the Pell City Fire Department. Additional donations will go to purchase puppets for other fire departments.

We're sorry, but since this is expected to be a small scale program and all funds will be going toward the purchase and shipping of puppets, we will not be applying for tax exempt status through the IRS. That is an expensive and long process. Your contribution will not be tax deductible.

Any person or group that donates $60 or more can specify what fire department a puppet will be sent to.

Thanks to the following supporters our first 2 puppets are on order!

Wes Jones, Youth Pastor of New Life Assembly of God, Pell City
Mike Underwood, Driver at Lakeside Speedway
Lakeside Speedway Fans and Drivers           
Members of New Life Assembly Of God, Pell City
Gene Powell
Matthew Powell

Contact Matthew Powell or Gene Powell at 205-814-9186 for more information.

Donations can be made securely over the internet using PayPal, to e-mail address
See PayPal's link below.

Please make checks payable to Gene Powell.
Gene Powell /
102 Ilamo Circle
Pell City, AL 35128

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