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Kandie Brown (left)
Mrs. Ecclesiastes (Mrs. EEK!)
Kasi Jones (right)
This is a HUGE part of ministry!
We want to visit your church! Unfortunately this is a small ministry and everyone that works in it is either a full time student or full time employee somewhere else, we can't travel too far. We are all volunteer workers in our own churches for Sunday morning services, we want to come to your church for an evening service.

Here are the rules:
Your church should be within 50 miles of Pell City, Alabama.
You should not have a children's church program (this ministry is to help you start one).
You should agree to promote the event with kids in your area (there are a lot of ways to promote it free or cheap)
Your church must be a Bible believing church. Denomination is not important.
You should be open to new ideas of worship and style of service. Basically speed of music and such. We will respect your beliefs and discuss all we will do before hand.

This is completely free. It does not matter how small or large your church is. We want to worship with you and help you evangelize to the youth in your area. Our services are aimed at kids 6 to 12 years old, but I guarantee that kids from 2 to 100 will be blessed and learn about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

 For those that are too far away or have a kid's program available and just want ideas, we hope to have a cheap home video of one of our services soon.

Please e-mail all of your friends about this site!


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