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Tex and Alpo


Bubba         Buford
The Barnstink Brothers

Did you know that Jesus cares for you?

Jesus is the Son of God, he created the heavens and earth, and died so that you could be free.
Tex in a tutu?
This story includes Tex, Alpo, Katie, and MrGene

Tex and Alpo ride into town after a hard week herding cattle. The first person they run into is Fred Red. Now Fred Red is sort of new to earth and a little confused on things...
 “Hello human, Tex! Hello, human Alpo!”
 This gets Tex to laughing. “Hello Fred Red. It's good ta see ya pardner! But my trusty horse Alpo ain't no human! He's a horse!”
 This puzzles Fred Red. “A horse is not a human?” asks Fred Red.
 Tex replies, “ Naw, a horse is an animal.”
 “And what does an animal do, human Tex?”
 “Well, pardner, I'll tell ya. I ride him around while I'm a herdin’ my cows. It keeps me from walkin’ too much and it's a whole lot faster.”
 “And this is the job you do,” asks Fred Red “herding cows?”
 “Yep. Me and the other cowpokes make sure these ole cows stay healthy and fat so that we can sell ‘em for meat and stuff.”
 Fred Red is shocked. “I'm surprised, human Tex. From the looks of your clothing I imagined that you were in the arts. Like a ballerina.”
 Tex laughs at that one and says, “That's sillier than a frog with wings. Me and my trusty horse Alpo ballerinas!”
 Then Fred Red started to make sense! He said, “Its a great job. You work at night. Your show is only a few hours, and you have all day to do the things you need to do. I think you would be a great ballerina, human Tex.”
 Tex scratches his head. “Well, pardner, it might not be too bad of an idea. And me and my trusty horse Alpo would probably  look purty good in a tutu. I've got the legs for it. And Alpo is a good dancer. And I hear talk that the pay is purty good. And I could travel the world and tell people about Jesus. I guess me and my trusty horse Alpo should pack up and head to that thar New York and check this out.”
 “That sounds like the job for you human Tex. I'm glad I could help. Bye human Tex! Bye animal Alpo!”
 “See ya pardner.” Tex said. Then he started packing up to leave, for New York City!

When Katie heard the news she went and found MrGene.
 “MrGene! What are we going to do? Did you hear about Tex?”
 MrGene hadn't. She explained that Tex and Alpo were packing up to go to New York and become ballerinas. They started searching town until they found Tex and Alpo.

 “Hi thar, Ya'll. Have you heard the good news? Me and my trusty horse Alpo are going to New York to be ballerinas.”

 MrGene was the first to speak up. “Tex, Katie was telling me that you and Alpo were going to New York to be ballerinas.”
 “He's right thar pardner. Fred Red was talkin to me and I decided that would be a good job for me and Alpo. It's good money and I can travel around the world and tell people about Jesus.”
 “That's crazy Tex! God didn't plan for you to be a ballerina.” said Katie.
 “What do you mean Katie?” asked Tex.
 “God has a plan for all of us, and I think he planned for you to be a cowboy. Not a ballerina.” answered Katie.
 MrGene jumped in, “Katie is right. In Jeremiah it says that God has a plan for us. If we seek and obey Him he will prosper us.”
 “Tex, God gave you the abilities to be a good cowboy. He won't help you prosper as a ballerina!”
 “And come to think of it, my trusty horse Alpo doesn't have the legs for a tutu.”
 MrGene said, “No he doesn't. And God is using you as a cowboy.”
 “What about travelin the great big world and tellin all those folks about Jesus?” asked Tex.
 “Don't you travel around the west telling other cowboys about Jesus?” asked Katie.
 “I sure do!” answered Tex.
MrGene explains. “See, God has a plan for us. For some it is to be a preacher, some it's to be an accountant, some to be psychologist...”
 Tex jumps in, “And some to be cowboys, ridin the range with thar trusty horses and tell other cowboys about Jesus!”
 “That's right Tex.” said Katie.
 “Well, I suppose me and my trusty horse Alpo had better unpack and git back to ridin the range. Bye city slickers!”

They all said goodbye, and Tex, with his trusty horse Alpo, went back to doing what God had planned for them.

 How about you? Are you doing what God has planned for you?
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