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About Us

MrGene at our church, the computer in the corner of his kitchen!

The Powell Family
Laurie   Anna   Matt   MrGene

MrGene's daughter and our first member,
Anna Powell

MrGene's son,
Matt Powell is the non-denominational, nonprofit ministry of Gene Powell. Although our main ministry is the Internet, we do travel and do services at churches and events. Our regular service meeting place is New Life Assembly of God in Pell City, where we hold the Children's Church
at 11:00 AM.

We have a mission! Here are the basics...
1. Reach kids for Jesus around the world using the power of the internet.
2. Take our team of kid's workers to churches in the Pell City, Alabama area. We want to evangelize for Jesus Christ and encourage smaller churches to start their own Children's Churches.
Click HERE for more info.
3. Teach kids how to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 Here is some information about your pastor, MrGene. I am the volunteer NewLifeKids Pastor at New Life Assembly Of God in Pell City, Alabama. My regular job is with a manufacturer of electrical and communication installation accessories. I am a Distributor Merchandising Specialist. Fancy title, huh? I also referee soccer, help a little with my father-in-law's business, and work as an announcer at Lakeside Speedway in Wilsonville, Alabama. I enjoy doing all of these things, and it helps me to be able to afford things like this web site, but it sure does take a lot of my time!

 My biggest job, and the most rewarding, is being a husband and dad.

 My beautiful wife Laurie is busier than I am. She is a home maker, home schools our kids, works part time in her dad's business, and is the Music Minister at New Life Assembly of God in Pell City, Alabama.

 My son Matthew is 13. No girls, he's not allowed to date yet. He's a great student, Works in NewLifeKids, plays soccer, is in our youth group's drama team, and all of the other things 13 year old guys are in to.

 My daughter Anna is 7. She isn't allowed to date until she's 30! She's a great student, too. She plays soccer, roller skates, and even sings in front of the church every once in a while.

Gene Powell is ordained by St. Luke's Evangelical Christian Ministries. He also holds from St. Luke's Evangelical Ministries a Certificate of Communion and a Doctor Of Divinity (honorary, not earned) Degree. So if he believed in titles, he could be called Rev. Dr. Gene Powell DD But please don't call him that! MrGene will do fine.

This is a web based church and is independently chartered by St. Luke's Evangelical Christian Ministries as Kids For God Church. Charter #153.
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