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Links to other web sites and suppliers

MrGene's Suggestions:
Books For His Flock - OK, this isn't  a web site. It is a Christian bookstore in Pell City. AL. I have purchased materials from them since the day they opened up. They have books, Bibles, Music, Video's, and toys. They are on Hwy 231 across from the Pell City Post Office. Call them at 205-338-4534.

Children's Ministry Today - My favorite site on the web! Gary and Alisa Linn have truly been a blessing. I have made several purchases from them. They have great puppets at CHEAP prices. But they go further than that. Not only do they have tons of materials, they help you. On-line training, a children's workers network, listings of evangelists for kids (they are also) and more and more and more. On a scale of 1 to 10 they get a 163. I look forward to the day that I can meet them and shake their hands. See their site at You will not be disappointed! Update (3-11-00): I just purchased another puppet from these fine people. The quality was better than expected, half the price of their competitors, and fast service.

Children Sermons - Wonderful site that at this date (August 25, 2000) has 87 children's sermons, free. Claims to have over 5000 hits per week from over 100 countries. I believe it! I have checked out a couple of the sermons and they seem good. Check them out.

Emmanuel Training Institute - Rev Tripp maintains this faith based training site for children's workers. I have not had time to check it out completely, but it looks good. When I have time to completely review it I will update this. Rev.Tripps site is

Hamilton Family Ministries - Puppet supplies and puppet stages. I have not seen their products in person. Their theme stages look good on the web and are reasonably priced.

One Way Street - A major supplier of children's ministry stuff. I have some of their music and books. They also sponsor events such as puppet festivals. Check them out at .   

Puppet Productions - All types of puppet supplies, stages, puppets, full body costumes, even $5000 fully robotic puppets! Sound systems, programming and more.

Puppets For Ministry - Debbie sells patterns for making your own puppets. You can order them through snail mail, or have them sent to your E-mail in full size. I haven't had a chance to make my own yet or seen the patterns, but the price is definitly worth a shot if you are on a budget. and who isn't!  or - I started this small company to help offset the costs of my ministry. Your consideration when you purchase puppets would be appreciated.

Puppets! Puppets! Puppets! - A great site with free scripts, puppet patterns, stage plans, etc. Check this one out!

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