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Puppet Scripts and Service Orders

On these pages I will put my Service orders and puppet skits I use in my sit down church, NewLifeKids.

You are welcome to use them in your own services. You do not have permission to publish them in any way, except for your own services. For any use outside of your church services please e-mail me first at

 Please join on our membership page. Adults can join, too! This will help me know who and how many people are using our free services.

 You will have to adapt these to your style and characters, but they should give you some ideas. I use some object lessons from outside sources, which of course I can't copy here. They need to sell their books! I will try to give them credit if I can remember the source.

These will be in plain old black and white to make it easier to print.

When I explain the scripture of the day, and some other things, I don't use notes. That means I do not have them on my computer. I have included my Bible Study from this web site that relates to that Sunday's service. You can use it as a guide to help you develop your own Bible or scripture study.

When I am doing a short Bible Study (Sermon) I will usually do it as myself, MrGene. If it is going to be long I will usually use one of my characters, Mrs.EEK, Buford Barnstink, JJ James, etc. It seems to keep the kids attention longer.

Object lessons sent to me.

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