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Support Us has been in existence since March 1, 2000. It has been a wonderful experience. It started as a web site for the kids that visited our church but their parents wouldn't be constant in their attendance. Since then this ministry has grown to thousands of visits and hundreds of members from all over the world. It has also grown to include evangelism. We are visiting small churches and helping them set up their own children's church programs. As we originally set up this site our costs were very low. The Powell family has been the sole financial supporter of this ministry, and we can barely afford it. There are some things we would like to do, but can't afford to do them.
 Please support your church with your tithes and offerings. If you feel led to send us a small offering it would be appreciated. It will not be tax deductible. Since I think our offerings will be a great deal smaller than our expenses, it is not wise to apply for federal tax exempt status.

 You can send a donation through PayPal (below) or mail to:
 Gene Powell
 102 Ilamo Circle
Pell City, AL 35128

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28" Puppets only
$38 + $5 shipping!
Click on the
 puppets to visit!

One item that we are in a desperate need for is a decent digital camera. If you have upgraded and have a decent old one, and the software, we would make good use of it!

The one thing we need more than money, is your prayers. Please be praying that we will have wisdom, boldness, and energy in this ministry!
(Children's pastors will know why we need energy!)

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
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