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Today’s scripture: I Samuel 16:7c    Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

Main focus: God doesn't look at how we appear, but how we behave. We should do the same.

 1. Snacks
 2. Prayer
 3. Meet, greet, seat and rules
 4. Offering
 5. Birthdays
 6. Music Song #1
               Song #2
 7. Singin’ Sam sings a special.
 8. Music Song #3
 9. VIPs leave.
10. MrGene and Crazy Larry go over the Bible verse.
11. Object lesson: MrGene puts up Larry. As soon as he walks out Bertha Barnstink comes out. She is looking for cousin Buford. Buford comes out. Buford introduces him to all the kids. He's upset because Bubba is at Mid-State studying Oaks. He doesn't know what he's going to do without Bubba. She asks why he doesn't hire Matthew Smith to help out. Bertha understands that he's needing a job. Buford says he can't hire him because he's colored. Buford has heard that colored people aren't good workers. Bertha says he is being silly. Then she asks him if he wants some pop corn. He says sure and has some. She asks him how it is. He says it's great. She asks him if he likes colored popcorn. He asks what she means. She says, look at all this pop corn. She shows the colored pop corn. Look at this. All this popcorn is different colors. But did the blue ones pop up blue? Red ones red? Green ones green? No, they all popped white. They were different colors on the outside, but they were all the same on the inside. What about black people, are they different on the inside? How about red yellow or brown people? Are they different on the inside? No. God made us all in His image. We might all look different on the outside, but we're all the same on the inside. Sometimes I wonder why God made us different. Then I look at the colored pop corn and I see how beautiful it is. I think that the world is more beautiful because we all look differently. And I guess that's why God made us in different colors.
Buford says that she's right, and he's going to talk to Matthew Smith about coming to work for them.
12. PS 03-05-00a
13. MrGene goes over verses. Alter call.
14. Tracts
15. If we have time, word game.

The Bible Study that went with this lesson

 Today's scriptures:  
 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”                 I Samuel 16:7    

 Is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God of Gentiles too? Yes, of Gentiles too,   
 Romans 3: 29

 This Bible study is on racism, and whether God judges us or not. Before I get into the Bible study let me get the political junk out of the way. My personal belief is that no one, regardless of race, should not be discriminated against, nor should they get special rights or privileges. I came up with this one a few months ago. When I started this ministry I looked on the Internet for kid's web churches. Most of them I found promoted "white power." That's a bunch of junk. Be careful out there. I hope I can prove to you here that God doesn't care what color your skin is, but what you do.

 Now to the Word! You might have noticed that we have had a few lessons from I Samuel 16. That's because there is a lot of good stuff in there! Samuel is trying to find the next king, to replace Saul. When David's older, bigger, and stronger brothers were brought to Samuel, God said "NEXT!" That's where our first verse comes in. Samuel thought the good looking, strong, oldest brother of David would be the new king. But God said that only men looked at the outside, he looked at the heart. He knew that David's brother Eliab didn't have the right stuff, but that little kid, David, had everything he needed to be king. David had God so strong in his heart that he didn't know there were things he couldn't do. He knew that through God he could do anything!

 To the New Testament we go. The Jews knew that they could be saved. I'm talking about the apostles after Jesus had floated to heaven. They couldn't decide what the gentiles had to do to be saved. Who are Gentiles? ANY RACE OTHER THAN JEWISH. You see, Jew can be used to address a religion or the race of people. The Jews were used to being discriminated against. For years and years they had been beaten down and made slaves.
In fact, they recognized only two races. Theirs and everyone else. They didn't care if you were yellow, black, white or red. If you weren't Jewish, you were a Gentile. So the disciples argued about whether Gentiles could be saved, and if they were, what did they have to do? Did they have to obey Jewish laws, or were they under new laws? They decided that Gentiles could be saved. The Jews were God's chosen people, but if a Gentile accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they were saved. Aren't you glad? I am!

 What if God pulled a joke on you? Have you ever given money for a missionary? Most people that go to church have. Even if you didn't realize it, your church probably have given some of your money to missions. Let's say you are white. I don't know, because I have never seen most of you. Let's say that you gave a dollar to missions. Let's imagine that your dollar went to a missionary in Africa who bought tracts with your dollar. One of the tracts goes to a black African who gets saved. Then he witnesses to his family and they get saved.
Soon, the 10 people in his family are witnessing to their friends who witness to their family and friends, and after a year 200 black Africans have been saved because of your dollar. In fact, over your lifetime 2000 black Africans get saved because of your dollar. When you die, you go to heaven and God tells you that he has a special treat for you. He has built your mansion right in the middle of the mansions of a group of people that were saved because of a dollar you gave in Sunday School once. All of a sudden, you are living in the middle of 2000 souls, that while on earth had black skin! Would you tell God that you don't want to live there? Of course not!
 Jesus said that we have to love our neighbors just as much as ourselves. That means no matter what color your neighbor is.

 God is prejudiced! That's right! God is prejudiced. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't care what color your skin, hair, or eyes are. He doesn't care if you are tall or short. He doesn't care if your belly button is an innie or an outie. Or, I don't think so, anyway. But he does care what is in your heart. No matter what good things you do on earth, if you don't accept Jesus as your savior and follow his rules, then you can't live in his neighborhood. The ACLU should sue God over that one. If you are gay, you can't move onto Gold Street. If you're a thief, the pearly gates won't open for you. If you live in sin, the Heaven Hotel will not let you check in.
 So we shouldn't look at a person's skin and judge them. Look at how they act. Then you can decide whether to be friends with them or not.

Are you sure? Are you ready to move into God's neighborhood when the time comes? The alternative is hotter than Texas in July! If you aren't sure, then you to talk to the landlord of heaven, now. Look at the page "How to become a Christian" to get started.
 Have you been judging people by the way they look? Do you want people judging you by the way you look? Wouldn't be easier for all of us to judge each other by the way we act?

This week's prayer:
Dear heavenly Father,
 Help me to stay away from judging people by their looks. Give me the wisdom to properly judge their actions. Please help me and guide me to be the person that others can look to as a good example of Christianity.

NewLifeKids PS 03-05-00a
Tex - Duke                              Tonya - Kandie                    Fred Red - MrGene

Tex comes up with Alpo. He can be talking to Alpo or singing a song, whatever.
Fred Red comes up.

Fred  : Hello human, Tex! Hello animal Alpo!

Tex   : Well howdy, pardner. How ya doin’ feller?

Fred  : I am doing well, human Tex. I have been looking at the new web site called
           Have you seen it?

Tex   : Naw, I haven't been around one of them new fangled computers in a while.

At some point in the next sentence, Tonya comes up...

Fred : Well in this weeks lesson MrGene talks about praise breaks.

Tex  : Well hello there young lady, where'd ya’ll come from?

Tonya: I'm new around here.

Fred  : What is your name human female?

Tonya: My name is Tonya. My family just moved here. What's yours?

Tex    : My handle is Tex, this is my trusty horse Alpo. And that critter is Fred Red.

Fred  : Yes, human Tonya. What happened to your skin?

Tex   : Now pardner, nothin’ a happened to her skin. She just ain't the same color as me.

Tonya: And you have no room to talk, you red alien. You're more red than a fire truck.

Fred  : I apologize, human Tonya. I did not mean to offend you. I just haven't seen anyone with
           your color skin. Are you a Christian?

Tonya: Yes I am red boy.

Fred   : Great! Then we are brothers and sisters in Christ. My God does not discriminate.

Tonya: Oh yes he does too  discriminate.

Tex:   : Now that's just silly. God loves everyone, and he don't care what color your skin is.

Tonya: No, he don't care what color your skin is, even if it's red. He doesn't care what style hair
           you have, or how tall you are, or if you are ugly or not. But he does discriminate.

Fred:  : What do you mean, human Tonya?

Tonya: He cares if you obey His laws or not! He discriminates against those who don't accept
           him as their Lord.

Tex   : Yer right, but he loves ever body.

Fred  : Yes, human Tex. He loves every one, but the ones who do not accept Him will not see
            His kingdom.

Tonya: That's right Fred Red. Not only that, but he gives us gifts and comforts us, and he can't
            those fools that turn away from Him.

Tex    : So He don't judge ya by whatcha look like, but whatcha act like.

Tonya: Now you're starting to understand.

Fred  : Very good human Tonya. Will we be seeing you again?

Tonya: I guess I’ll be seeing you around. I might even talk to you if you act cool enough.

Fred   : I will try to look cold, human Tonya.

Tex     : Don't even try to explain it to him little lady.

Fred    : Goodbye human Tex. Bye animal Alpo. Bye human Tonya.

Tonya:  See ya’ll later.

Tex     : See ya pardners.

They all leave.

Singin' Sam's song

I like trucks, shiny beat up trucks,
I like trucks, especially Ford trucks,

I like trucks, all colors of trucks,
I like trucks, red, green, yellow, orange,
I like trucks, even brown or white,

Well, I don't like blue trucks, they're slower, and they stink. They just sort of get on your nerves. They creak and rattle, they're headlights aren't as bright, and ...
Wait a minute, Ford makes all their trucks the same. The only difference is what color they're painted. They don't work any different, smell any different, or any of that stuff.

I like trucks, Shiny beat up trucks,
I like trucks, especially Ford Trucks,

I like trucks, ALL colors of trucks,
I even like beat up blue trucks!
I like trucks.

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