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God's Plans Require Action
NewLifeKids Service Order 03-19-00

Today's scripture: Then the Lord said, “Rise and anoint him; he is the one.” I Samuel 16:12

 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.     James 2:17

Main focus: God's plan for us requires action. Workers, read Samuel 16. What actions had to be taken by Samuel, David, and Jesse to implement God's plan for David?

 1. Snacks

 2. Prayer, meet, greet, and seat

 3. Offering

 4. Birthdays

 5. Rules

 6. Music Song #1
               Song #2

 7. Singin’ Sam sings.

 8. Music Song #3

 9. VIP's dismissed

10. MrGene and Peanut talk about the verse.

11. Puppet Skit: PS 03-19-00a

12. Dr. Doright comes in. She has to talk to Bro. Curtis. His tests didn't come out too well. She has to take out cerumen on his tympanic membrane. Of course he is upset. He says OK, lays down in the floor and tells her to take it out. She explains that she can't do that. There are a lot of things that have to be done first. She has to read up on the procedure. He has to be admitted to the hospital, he has to have blood tests, scrubbed and cleaned , be given anesthesia, and so on. She has to put on her surgical clothes, scrub up, put on gloves and mask, that type of thing. MrGene points out that for a doctor to accomplish a plan, a lot of people have to take action. MrGene finally asks what cerumen on the tympanic membrane is. Everyone prays for Curtis and they leave for the “surgery”.

13. MrGene firms up the verse. Alter call.

Bible Study

Main point: God's plans require us to take action.

 This week's Bible study is sort of a two part deal. I guess you noticed that  we have two verses at the top. The one from James is to put scripture to my main point, so we'll start there.
 Most of the big Bible teachers think that the James that wrote this book was the brother of Jesus. I t doesn't really matter but I thought that it is a cool fact. In this part of the book of James he is talking about faith and actions. The story he uses as an example basically comes down to this, if another kid is hungry do you have faith that he won't be hungry anymore, or do you buy him a Happy Meal? You buy him some food, dude!
 See, if God wants something done, no matter how much faith we have, he usually requires us to take some action to accomplish it. It might be healing, and the action is our prayers. It might be getting a good grade in school, and the action is studying (yuk!). It might be getting Betty Sue down the street to church, the action is inviting her. You get my point. Usually if we are begging  God for something, or He has a plan for us, He is just waiting on us to take some action. Do something. Sometimes anything!

 Let's talk about David in I Samuel 16. You really need to read that chapter in the Bible, but here's my break down of it.
 In a few chapters before this one we find out that King Saul has disobeyed God. Although God chose Saul to be king, when Saul disobeyed him God took his Spirit away and sent an evil spirit to torment (give him a hard time) Saul.
 God sent Samuel to Bethlehem to the house of Jesse. He was supposed to ID the new king. Sammy was scared to go. If Saul found out what he was up to, it was dead city. But God gave Samuel an excuse and he went to Jesse's house. Samuel told Jesse to bring out his sons because God wanted one of them anointed.
 Back in those days the oldest son usually got all the good stuff. So when Jesse brought out Eliab, Samuel thought he had found the new king. He was the oldest. He was big, strong, and good looking. Eliab looked like king material.
God said no.
 Jesse brought out son #2. His name was Abinadab. God said he wasn't the new king. Jesse brought out Shammah, God said NEXT! Jesse brought out 7 of his sons, and God said no to all of them. When Samuel asked if there were any more kids, Jesse told him the only one left was David. David was the youngest and was out in the fields with the sheep. Samuel told Jesse to get David in the house. In fact, he said they wouldn't even sit down until David got there. Jesse sent someone to get David.
 When David arrived God said "Rise and anoint him; he is the one." Samuel anointed David with oil. Then the Spirit of the Lord came on David in power. The new king had been chosen! But he wasn't the new king, yet. God had more plans to be worked out first.
  Since King Saul had this evil spirit bugging him, his advisors told him to get a harp player in the house. They thought the music would calm Saul down. They ended up getting this kid named David (Yep. The same one!) to play the harp. Well, David had the Spirit of God in him, so when he would hang around Saul the evil spirit would run away like crazy. King Saul felt better with David around. He liked him so much that he gave him a promotion to armor bearer.
 That put David to be in the position that he was in when Goliath was giving the Israelites a hard time. If he had not been an armor bearer for the king, Saul might never have let him knock out old Goliath. David might never have been king. He wouldn't have been the great forefather of our Lord, Jesus!

 So what was God's plan? To make David king of Israel. He could have just knocked old Saul off and put David in there. Why didn't he? Jonathan was Saul's son and he would have been the next king. Plus, he wanted some lowly humans to take some action.

 What are some of the actions people had to do?
 Saul had to go to Jesse's house.
 Jesse had to send someone into the fields to get David.
 David had to come out of the fields.
 Saul had to anoint David.
 David had to practice the harp. And I thought piano lessons were tough!
 The advisors had to convince Saul to let David be his harp player.
 David had to play the harp well.
 David had to accept the job as an armor bearer.
 So, although it was God's plan for David to be king, all those people had to take action.

Puppet Skit 03-19-00

Tex - Duke             Elder Everett - Curtis          Fred Red - MrGene

Fred Red comes up. He keeps looking in the sky and then back at the ground. He talks about the beautiful day and all of the plants starting to come up. Then he says...

Fred : Here comes human Elder Everett! Elder Everett comes up. Hello human Elder Everett!

Elder: Hello Fred Red. How are you today?

Fred : I am just fine, human. I am observing the change in the weather. The plants are growing,
         the bees are in the air. Birds are singing and the grass is turning green. This is such a
         beautiful planet.

Elder: Yeah, I know what you mean. I have my crops all planted, too.

Fred  : I do not understand “crops planted.”

Elder : What did you say the cops planted?

Fred :  Not cops planted, what did you mean by crops planted? Turn up your hearing aid
           Elder Everett.

Elder : Oh. Me and my wife Gladys have a little garden.

Fred :  What is a garden?

Elder:  That is where we plant and grow food. Here on earth most of our food comes from the

Fred :  Tell me, human Elder Everett, what kind of food do you grow?

Elder: We grow watermelons, peas, okra and tomatoes.

Fred :  I love tomatoes! I think I will grow tomatoes myself.

Tex and Alpo come up.

Tex  : Howdy pardners!

Fred : Hello human Tex! Hello animal Alpo!

Tex  : Elder Everett, ole buddy, Your lovely wife Gladys is looking for you.

Elder: I guess I better go home then. Bye boys.

Elder Everett leaves.  Tex and Fred say bye.
Fred Red keeps looking at the ground.

Tex:  Whatcha lookin at thar Fred Red?

Fred: I am growing tomatoes. I am waiting for them to come out of the ground, human Tex.

Tex:  You a growin maters right thar?

Fred: Yes, I am. I love tomatoes. I am going to stay here and watch them grow from the earth.

Tex:  Well now, cow poke. Thar’s grass down thar.

Fred: Yes, and it is beautiful grass.

Tex:  Didn't ya plow up the ground fer the seeds?

Fred: What do you mean seeds, human Tex?

Tex:  Ya planted seeds, didn't ya?

Fred: I wish for tomatoes to come from the earth, and God sends tomatoes from the earth. Is
         there something else to do?

Tex:  Of course there is city slicker. You've got to plow tha ground, plant them thar little seeds,
         water ‘em and stuff.

Fred: But it is God's will for the tomatoes to grow.

Tex:  You be right about that. But ya gotta take a little action, too. God gives ya all tha tools, like
          rain, and sun, and seeds.  But ya gotta take action and do some of the work, too. That's the
          way it is fer our whole lives. That thar James chapter 2 verse 17 says “faith, by itself, if
          it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

Fred: It sounds like growing tomatoes is a lot of work, human Tex.

Tex:  It is.       

Fred Red starts to walk away.

Tex: Whar ya goin thar pardner?

Fred:  To Food World to purchase tomatoes.

Tex:  That thar is a good idea. Come on trusty horse, Alpo. Let's go.

He leaves.
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