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Trust in God
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Today's verse: It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Psalms 118:8

Main Point: We can't always trust man, but we can always trust God.

 1. Snacks
 2. Meet, greet, and seat
 3. Prayer
 4. Offering
 5. Birthdays
 6. Music Song #1
 7. Music Song #2
 8. Puppet skit PS 03-26-00a
 9. Music Song #3
10. Music Song #4
11. Object lesson - MrGene In God We Trust (New Object Lessons page 115 - available from
12. Puppet Skit PS 03-26-00b
13. Game - MrGene will pick out 8 kids. Alisha will tell one of them a short story. Each kid will take turns telling the other one the story. At the end the last kid will tell the group the story, and see how close it is to the original. Can we trust man? The story:                                  There was a man named Mr. Smith with red hair that loved to wear black shoes with his green suit. His friend Mr. Jones said that his blue tie didn't go with it and that he should wear a red one. Mr. Walker said yellow tie was the only tie that would match unless he wore brown shoes.
14. MrGene talks about the Bible verse.
15. Prayer
16. Word game if we have time.

Bible Study for March 27 - April 2, 2000

This week's scriptures:
 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.
 Psalms 118:8

Main point: We can always trust in God.

 I guess you are old enough that you have figured out you can't trust people too much. Some people you can trust most of the time, like your parents and your pastor. Some people you can trust some of the time, like your friends. Some people you can never really trust, like strangers over the Internet.

 Even your parents will let you down sometimes. I know that when my son was about 5 or 6 he asked me if I could take him to ride go-carts on Saturday. I said "sure." When Saturday rolled around something came up and we couldn't go. On Sunday he made a comment about me lying to him. I had! I didn't mean to. Something came up. I should have said "We will unless something comes up." From that point on I wouldn't make promises unless I was completely sure I could fulfill the promise.

 Friends at school are worse. They expect to be able to trust you and you expect to trust them. But what happens if you tell something really personal to your best friend? It will probably be gossip too hard to pass up and it will be spread around. You've probably done the same thing!

 God can be trusted. He always tells the truth and will never let you down. You can tell him anything, and no one else will ever know. He keeps every promise he makes. If he doesn't keep a promise, it's because we messed up.

 Samson is a good example. If you want to read a cool story look up Judges 13 - 16. Samson was a guy that was so strong that he could whip Sting, Arnold Schwarzeneager (spelling?), Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan, and Superman all at the same time. And laugh while he was doing it! He had a secret about this super strength God had given him. God had told him that as long as he didn't cut his hair he would remain strong. The next time your Dad says you have to get your haircut, tell him you want to be strong like Samson!
Just kidding, that would probably get you a spanking. Anyway, Samson was dating this girl he shouldn't have been dating. Her name was Delilah.

 Delilah was a Philistine, and so were the bad guys. The bad guys wanted Samson dead. So Delilah was going to help them out by finding out Samson's secret. So she said (MrGene's interpretation) "Samson honey, what makes you so strong?". Samson said, "Sugar plumb, if someone tied me with 7 new pieces of leather, I would be as weak as any man." So she tried it. He busted loose.

 Delilah said, "Samson sweetie, you tricked me! What's the secret?". Samson said, " Delilah, you fine thing, if someone tied me with 7 new ropes I would be as weak as Daffy Duck." She tried it, but he broke the ropes apart.

 Delilah said, "Samson, you hunk of a man, you lied to me again. Do you really love me? What's your secret?". Samson said, "Delilah darlin', my hair is braided in 7 braids. If someone was to sew them into fabric, I'd be weaker than MrGene." She tried that, but again, he stayed as strong as ever.

 You see, when she was trying all of this there were Philistine soldiers waiting outside to jump on Samson. As soon as he told her the truth, they were going to get him. But she couldn't trust Samson, and he couldn't trust Delilah. God should have taken away Samson's strength then, but he promised that Samson would stay strong as long as he didn't cut his hair. And you know God, He keeps his promises.

 So finally, Delilah says, "Samson sweetie, you lied to me again. You don't love me! If you don't tell me the truth I'm not gonna give you any more kisses!" Well, she nagged him so much that he said, " OK OK. If my hair gets cut I'll be as weak as any man." Guess what she did. She cut his hair. Then the Philistines came in and beat him up and poked out his eyes. He got them back, but you'll have to read Judges 16 to find out what happened.

Do you put your trust in God? That's the only person you can always trust. Don't get me wrong, you shouldn't hide anything from your parents. I don't know your folks, but more than likely you can trust them more than any humans on earth.
You can trust Jesus with anything. He died for you! Any time you have a problem, concern, or secret, you can trust Jesus with it. Tell him!

Tell Jesus your secrets!
 You should pray all of the time and tell Jesus everything that is happening in your life. You can trust him. He already knows all of that stuff anyway. He just wants you to tell him about it.

This week's prayer.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for being the person I can trust. Thank you for dying for me. I promise that I will talk to you more often and tell you what's going on with my life.

NewLifeKids PS 03-26-00a
Katie - Alisha                          Crazy Larry - MrGene

Katie comes up and starts singing Katie and Bobby up in a tree... Talk about how cute he is...

Crazy Larry comes up.

Larry: Hi Katie! How you doing you ugly string haired girl.

Katie: That's not nice to say, I have beautiful hair.

Larry: Hair only a mother could love!

Katie: By the way, how long have you been standing over there.

Larry: Not long, why?

Katie: Did you hear me saying anything?

Larry: No, what were you saying?

Katie: Oh, nothing.

Larry: Do you mean (Starts singing the song) and about how cut Bobby is?


Larry: Every word.

Katie: You have to promise me you won't tell any body.

Larry: I won't. That's dumb stuff anyway.

Katie: It might be dumb to you but if Bobby hears it I will be so embarrassed!

Larry: Don't worry, ugly. I won't tell anybody.

Katie: Please don't, I would be so embarrassed.

Larry: OK. Bye dork face.
( They say bye and leave.)

Part 2
NewLifeKids PS 03-26-00b
Crazy Larry - MrGene Gene            Katie - Alisha                MrGene

Crazy Larry and MrGene are talking and Larry tells MrGene that Katie loves Bobby.

We will improv this.

When MrGene says keyword “Kissy kissy”  Katie comes up. MrGene tells her he heard that she likes Bobby. She gets mad at Crazy Larry for breaking his promise. MrGene talks about how we can trust God, but not always man.

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