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God has a plan for you

NewLifeKids Service Order 01-23-00

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Main focus: God has a plan for our lives. If we seek and obey him we will prosper.

1.  Snacks.

2.  Prayer.

3.  MrGene -  Seat, greet, offering, rules.

4.  Music Song #1
               Song #2

5.  Puppet skit PS012300a

6.  Music  Song #3

7.  VIPs dismissed.

8.  Alisha - object lesson. Object Lesson taken from Vivacious Visuals available from

9. MrGene goes over the Bible verse.

10. Puppet skit PS012300b

11. MrGene goes over Bible verse and talks about seeking God to find the plan for our lives. Alter call.

12. If we have time, word game.

Bible study for March 6 - 13, 2000:

This weeks scripture: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Main point: God has a plan for your life.

 Jeremiah was a nut! That's what a lot of people thought in his day, any way. He was a prophet. That's a guy who God uses to tell people about the future or how to get ready for the future. He kept getting into trouble and thrown into jail because he told the truth. He would tell the king that something bad was going to happen. This would make the king mad. Since the king had all the power he would throw Jeremiah in jail for telling him something bad. When the bad thing did happen the king would see that Jeremiah was right and let him out of jail again. God wasn't happy with people in those days (they just wouldn't listen to and obey him) and so Jeremiah would always have bad news. He could have said “Na na na na na, told you so!” But that would have probably gotten his head chopped off. Anyway, a bunch of Israelites had been kicked out of town and made to be slaves in a place called Babylon. They had decided not to work hard or have kids because that would have just given the Babylonians more slaves. Then here comes Jeremiah. God had told him to give them some good news, and some bad news. The bad news was that they would be in Babylon for 70 years. The good news was that it would only be 70 years, not forever. When they did leave Babylon he had big plans for them. The children they were going to have would prosper and have a good future. They were supposed to work hard and have kids to prepare for the future.
 God wants the same from you! In Jeremiah 1:5 God said that he knew Jeremiah before he was born. Not only that, but he had already decided what Jeremiah was to become. Imagine, before you were even born God knew if he wanted you to be a pro wrestler or a preacher! If you think I'm kidding, he did the same with Samson. Samson was the best wrestler and fighter in history. Look it up in Judges. Anyway, God has a plan for you. I donut know what it is. You probably donut either, yet. God does! And its not to be a fry cooker at McDonald’s, either. He has BIG plans for you. It's up to you to find out what they are. How? You have to read your Bible and pray a lot. Not in just 2 or 3 days. I'm talking for years. If you want to hear what God says, you have to be close to him. Not because he doesn't talk loud enough, because we donut know how to listen. So grow closer to him everyday. While you are waiting to hear from him, prepare. Work hard at school, church, and everywhere else. Prepare yourself as much as possible in every area of your life. If God wants you to be a doctor, and that is what he tells you, then a bunch of D’s in science is going to make it tougher to be a doctor!

This weeks prayer:

Heavenly Father,
 I know you have big plans for me. Give me the wisdom to seek you first in everything. Give me the desire to work hard church, school, and every part of my life so that I will be prepared for any task you give me.
By the way, I love you, Jesus.

Puppet Skit Part A
NewLifeKids PS012300a
Tim - Tex      MrGene - Fred Red

Tex and Alpo come up first. Tex can be singing a song. Fred Red comes up.

Fred: Hello human, Tex! Hello human, Alpo!

Tex:  Hello Fred Red. It's good to see ya, pardner. But Alpo ain't no human. He's a horse.

Fred: A horse is not a human?

Tex:  Naw. He is an animal.

Fred: And what does this animal do, human Tex?

Tex:  Well, pardner, Ill tell ya. I ride him around while I'm herdin my cows.

Fred: And this is the job you hold. Herding cows?

Tex:  Yep. Me and my other cowpokes make sure these ole cows stay healthy and get fat so that
         we can sell ‘em for meat and stuff.

Fred: I'm surprised human Tex. From the looks of your clothing I imagined that you were in
          in the arts. Like a ballerina.

Tex:  (Laugh) That's sillier than a frog with wings. Me and my trusty horse Alpo ballerinas!

Fred: That's a great job. You work at night. Your show is only a few hours, and you have all day
           to do the things you need to do. I think you would be a great ballerina, human Tex.

Tex:  Well, pardner, it might not be too bad of an idea. And me and my trusty horse Alpo would
         probably  look purty good in a tutu. I've got the legs for it. And Alpo is a good dancer.

Fred: That sounds like the job for you human Tex.

Tex:  And I hear talk that the pay is purty good. And I could travel the world and tell people
          about Jesus. I guess me and my trusty horse Alpo should pack up and head to that thar
          New York and check this out.

Fred: I'm glad I could help. Bye human Tex! Bye animal Alpo!

Tex:  See ya pardner.

Puppet Skit Part B

NewLifeKids PS01-23-00b
Tex - Tim       Kati - Alisha       Crazy Larry - MrGene        

While MrGene is talking about the Bible verse he will say the code word “Cannibal”. Kati comes up.

Kati:   MrGene! What are we going to do? Did you hear about Tex?

MrG:  No, Kati. What's going on? Has he been hurt?

Kati:   No, sir. He's packing up to go to New York City!

MrG:  New York City! Why would a cowboy go to New York?

Kati:   He said that he isn't going to be a cowboy anymore. He's going to New York to be a

MrG:  That's crazy. Where is he now?

Kati:   I don't know. Will you find him and talk to him?

MrG: I sure will.

(MrG leaves. Kati starts pacing around, saying things like “ He's gone nuts”. Yell for Tex a few times. Tex comes up.)

Tex:   Hi thar gal. Have you heard the good news? Me and my trusty horse Alpo are going to
           New York to be ballerinas.

Kati:  I heard. But I'm not sure that's a very good idea. Here comes MrGene and Crazy Larry.

MrG: Tex, Kati and Larry were telling me that you and Alpo were going to New York to be

Larry: That's right, and I'm going to buy him his first tutu!

Tex:   He's right thar pardner. Fred Red was talkin to me and I decided that would be a good job
          for me and Alpo. Its good money and I can travel around the world and tell people about

Larry: Yeah, and he'll look good in a tutu!

Kati:   That's crazy Tex! God didn't plan for you to be a ballerina.

Tex:    What do you mean Kati?

Kati:  God has a plan for all of us, and I think he planned for you to be a cowboy. Not a ballerina.

Larry: Aw, Ya'll hush. I think He'd be a funny ballerina.

MrG:  No. Kati is right. In Jeremiah it says that God has a plan for us. If we seek and obey Him
            He will prosper us.

Larry: God doesn't care if Tex is a ballerina.

Kati:   Yes He does. He gave Tex the abilities to be a good cowboy. He won't prosper as a

Tex:    And come to think of it, my trusty horse Alpo doesn't have the legs for a tutu.

MrG: No he doesn't. And God is using you as a cowboy.

Tex:   What about travelin the great big world and tellin all those folks about Jesus?

Kati:   Don't you travel around the west telling other cowboys about Jesus?

Tex:    I sure do!

Larry: Ya'll are going to talk about Jesus all day. Aren't you?

MrG:  It's important, Larry. You see, God has a plan for us. For some it is to be a preacher,
            some it's to be an accountant, some to be psychologist...

Tex:    And some to be cowboys, ridin the range with thar trusty horses and tell other cowboys
            about Jesus!

Kati:  That's right Tex.

Tex:   Well, I suppose me and my trusty horse Alpo had better unpack and git back to ridin the
           range. Bye city slickers!

Everyone says bye to each other.

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